Digital Platform of Global Commercial Circulation Dual Circulation

Based on the cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing and big data, Hunan Gaoqiao Grand Market has developed a digital platform for commercial circulation under the dual circulation pattern,established four digital systems, i.e., "Smart Market Management System", "Smart Market Service System", "Comprehensive Trading System for Commercial Circulation " and "Digital Trading System for International Trade", and seven subsystems, i.e., "Credit Quotient Smart Win”, " Credit Quotient Smart Trade", etc., forming "one platform, four systems and seven sub-systems", realizing the digitalization of management, service and supply chain, providing Global Modern Commercial Circulation Enterprises with more than 100 kinds of services in four categories such as public services, basic services, professional services and business promotion, opening up online and offline platforms, international and domestic markets, covering the whole industrial chain of commercial circulation, production and processing, and providing the leading digital solutions for the industry.

Procurement Information Platform

Introduction to Each Subsystem

Credit Quotient Smart Win
Credit Quotient Smart Win ERP is a Sass platform for the whole industry chain based on the advanced technologies such as big data and cloud computing, satisfying the needs of multi-industries, multi-formats, multi-scenarios and multi-merchants. Credit Quotient Smart Win ERP covers functional modules such as purchase management, sales management, warehouse management, capital management, production management, integrated accounting, etc., is connected to various ports such as factory, distributor and channel, and can link overseas ERP to realize the integration of the whole industrial chain of domestic trade and foreign trade.
Credit Quotient Smart Service
Exclusive service platform tailored for commercial circulation enterprises. It functions to provide market information, merchant college, merchant community, market guide, etc., and realizes digitalization and instantaneity of more than 100 kinds of services in four categories such as public services, basic services, professional services and business promotion, and efficiently responds to the needs of merchants, so that merchants can enjoy comprehensive and high-quality nanny services.
Credit Quotient Smart Trade
Big data application cloud platform integrating e-commerce trading system and commercial circulation. With Gaoqiao Mall and Gaoqiao Smart Trade Portal as online platforms, the Commercial Circulation Enterprises as offline sales ports, based on the combination of Online to Offline, linking domestic and international sales models, the most professional and advanced commerce and trade logistics and sales system.
Credit Quotient International Station
Serve the purchasing trade enterprises in the market, realize the digitalization of commodities and bring together the overseas businesses. It’s main functions include the commodity display, commodity recommendation, overseas buyers' inquiry, ordering, online live purchase matchmaking meeting, etc. The back-end management realizes the functions such as the settling in and reviewing for suppliers and service providers, commodity review, commodity return, order management, etc.
China-Africa Economic and Trade Comprehensive Service Platform
Serve the China-Africa trade enterprises and build the gateway and window of China-Africa trade.Provide the information, policy and other contents, promote the African commodities, display the commodities, conduct the inquiry and counteroffer, and connect the live broadcast service. At the same time, mobile APP is specially developed for the barter trade to achieve the timely interactive inquiry, counteroffer and value evaluation on the mobile terminal.
Credit Quotient Superior Products
Mainly serve the cross-border e-commerce sellers and domestic e-commerce platform sellers, rely on the superior resources of Gaoqiao Grand Market supply chain, cover all kinds of global commodities with different characteristics, and strive to build an international commodity library of global brands Establish a digital commodities center, with the commodity management, commodity retrieval, order settlement, logistics tracking and other functions, E-commerce platform sellers can select suitable products through the commodities center and publish them to the third-party platforms in operation with one click, such as Amazon, AliExpress, lazada, etc. The commodities center can connect with the platform for product flow and order flow, and connect with the front warehouse of Gaoqiao Grand Market, so as to realize the warehousing, delivery and domestic logistics tracking.
Credit Quotient Smart Management
Collaborative management and data center of commercial circulation enterprises and upstream & downstream resources of supply chain.Integrating enterprise personnel, data and processes, the information flow of internal and external customers and partners are integrated into one platform which turns the enterprise into a digital internal and external synergetic organization. The functions, including OA (Office Automation), EIP (Enterprise Information Portal), KM (Knowledge Management), HRM (Human Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), WM (Workflow Management) and PMS (Property Management), meets the needs of digitization, platform and intelligence by enterprises, and forms a complete set of mature solutions for internal and external management in commercial circulation.